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N E E D E D 



Our ‘N’ at Vision International nutrition. It is our top priority when it comes to providing for children. We recognize that children here and around the world need food to fuel their endless imaginations, and ultimately find goals for themselves. Especially in a world where opportunities can be endless, it is important to encourage and push for change and growth. We understand children’s different circumstances where they may not be able to eat anything, and how harmful that is not only to their diet, but to their minds as well. Some kids go to schools where the food is unappealing, then go home just to find that there is nothing to eat there. The nutrition program we have created helps children satisfy their hunger and nourish their minds while putting a stop to going hungry.



Education is the fundamental precondition for human development. It opens the door for a better future, change behavior and creates positive conditions in the environment where the impossible becomes possible. Vision International for NEEDED Children throughout its programs vows to penetrate the barrier that prevents the children to get an education by providing help with homework, provide school supplies and uniforms,  paying wages to encourage teachers to give their best in the classroom, coming with new vocational trade  programs for kids on rural and poorest zone. Such programs cannot be possible without your contribution. Helping a child in his education is ruling to curve and fight poverty around the globe.  

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin


Independency, Self-esteem and developing a positive image in the society are keys to development in the life of a child. It is true that nutrition and education plays the fundamental role on the lives of our children, however, Vision International for NEEDED Children wants to empower any child who wants to participate in its programs by providing the tools necessary that will contribute not only to the nearest future but also make the child feel powerful enough to the extent that the child self esteem is elevated and has enough strength to fight any obstacles in life.  



We, Vision International, have a clear vision to play a role model in the modern society. We believe that we can help to development of the most vulnerable and poorest zones like Haiti and any other countries that still cannot provide necessary and basic services to its population. We witness that too many families must work two sometimes three jobs to pay rent to house their children. And because of lack of presence and supervision in the house, kids tend to fall in delinquency.  That is why housing and development of low-income apartment are crucial to us to work on to house low income families. Remember you can make the impossible possible thank you to your great contribution  



Civic Engagement is an important skill to teach children for them to give back their participation in their community. Civic participation encompasses a wide range of formal and informal activities such as: Scout, volunteering in nonprofit organization, voting, community gardening, Churches and any other activities that contribute to the well-being. Vision International in its mission want to assure that our children participate in the activities in their communities.  

Children Reading the Holy Bible


Great and unconditional support to our children can contribute to the betterment of life. Vision International is committed to educate and make sure that the children we serve are dedicated loyally to their family, their community and to any groups they are appertain to. We as a nonprofit are fully engaged to bring happiness to our children and make them a better person tomorrow, we also pledge to keep an eye to those children to become great asset to their community. Such dedication should pass to them and create a positive behavior that will put them in the position from generation to generation to leave Vision International for NEEDED Children imprint to the world.   

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