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- CEO / President / Founder

James O Verrier is the current CEO and Founder of Vision International for NEEDED (Nutrition, Education, Empowerment, Development, Engagement and Dedication) Children Inc. He is a former professor and a healthcare professional. As part of his humanitarian work, his entire life has been dedicated to serve people in need. He was the Former director of Foreign Affairs for Project 2020, Founder of Foundation Alexandre Dumas for the Development of Latiboliere(a small town of Jeremie, Haiti where he was born) Co-Founder of Communidad Haitiana de Venezuela (COHAVEN). One of the reasons he founded VINC is because throughout his childhood he experienced exceedingly difficult and dark moments. He could not understand why he was born until he was 26 years old, that is when he concluded that his life is described as a long story, “a story without beginning and without end”. Since he was able to survive all of that, such conclusion leads him to come with one goal: Helping the most Vulnerable Children as he can. Vision International are my dreams, and my passions. Which are serving children not only in but also outside of United States to fight hunger, contribute to education, help with housing, medications, clothes etc... I am dedicated one hundred percent to make it happen until my last breath.


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