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Meet The Youth Team


Jenny Verrier

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Jenny Verrier Youth Coordinator and she has partnered with her father, James Verrier in his organization Vision International for NEEDED Children for about a year. She is currently enrolled in high school as a junior, expected to graduate in 2022. Vision International is something she finds is important to our communities and families. She understands how important it is to have hobbies outside of school, and a meal before bed. She also understands that there are too many kids that go without these things and more, and unfortunately end up where they are not supposed to. Her goal for Vision International is to volunteer and aid at events and to be able to reach an ample amount of families.


Sebastien Castel

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Sebastien Castel is a young man with developmental disabilities who is talented. He can sew, paint, and enjoys helping his community, and doing arts and craft. He does maintenance, files paperwork. He keeps the office in order. He answers the phone and is one of the kindest young man you would ever meet. He is a board member 

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